Trust Fiat Authorised Servicing

To get the very best out of your Fiat or Fiat Professional Vehicle, we recommend you get it serviced regularly at an authorised Fiat dealer.

Our factory trained technicians understand that your Fiat vehicle has unique servicing requirements and will are the best choice to cover all warranty and service interval checks.

By choosing an authorised Service location, the performance and fuel consumption of your Fiat will be optimised.

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Fiat Roadside Assistance

Provides support 24/7 for 3 years/150,000 kms

It only takes a flat tyre in driving rain, in the middle of nowhere to make you swear never to be without a roadside assist service. With Fiat Roadside Assistance help is just a phone call away.

Fiat Roadside Assistance is a reliable and secure roadside assistance program that is provided free of charge to you for the duration of your vehicle’s manufacturer's warranty period. Fiat Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With Fiat Roadside Assistance, you can get help with:

  • Flat batteries
  • Emergency fuel
  • Flat tyres
  • Lost or locked keys
  • Towing/transportation costs
  • Caravan & Trailer Assistance
  • Accident coordination
  • Bogged vehicles
  • Taxi coordination
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Car rental
  • Alternative transportation coordination
  • Vehicle relocation coordination
  • Urgent message relay
  • Cancellation or rebooking of travel arrangements
  • Medical advice

If you need Fiat Roadside Assistance, simply call:

Fiat Cars & Abarth 1800 870 709
Fiat Professional 1800 870 712

For more information regarding Fiat Roadside Assistance, please download your copy of the eBrochure:


If you are the owner of a motorhome utilising a Fiat Ducato cab-chassis, please contact (or refer to any information provided by) the manufacturer of the motorhome for details of any roadside assistance relevant with your vehicle.

Important Fuel Information


Use only Premium Unleaded Petrol Minimum 95 R.O.N. Using incorrect grade will cause running anomalies and warning signals.


All Fiat vehicles imported since 1998 must run on minimum 95 R.O.N. fuel (premium unleaded petrol), but will operate satisfactorily on E5 (5% ethanol blended petrol as long as it is to European Standard EN228). Note: E5 to this standard may not be available in Australia. Ethanol blends higher than 5% (eg E10) are not recommended except in emergency situations as there may be material compatibility and drivability issues.


Use only Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel. Fiat only recommends the use of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (USLD) that complies with the Fuel Quality Standards Act (FQSA as at 1 January 2006) in Fiat vehicles fitted with common rail direct injection diesel engine. Using the incorrect grade diesel fuel will cause running anomalies, possibly activate warning signals and also possibly cause component damage. Consult your fuel reseller when refuelling if in doubt.

Bio-Diesel Fuels

The inconsistent nature of Bio-Diesel fuel, typified by large particulates and various contaminates, can cause severe damage to the various components of common rail direct injection diesel engines. Any bio-fuels must conform to the standard EN590. Fiat DOES NOT recommend the use of Bio-Diesel fuels that can’t be certified to this standard. Any consequential damage caused by the use of Bio-Diesel fuel will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


Engine Maintenance FAQ’s

Oil is the lifeblood of every car, and Selenia is the lifeblood of every Fiat.

From the very first beat of every Fiat's engine, Selenia oil is the difference between it running as intended.

Only Selenia meets the exacting demands of Fiat's engine design. Its synthetic formulation goes beyond international engineering specifications, maximising engine performance and protection - even under the most testing conditions.

Selenia motor oil is formulated with the correct balance of ingredients, whether you drive an advanced direct injection, multi-valve engine or the latest variable-geometry turbo-diesel. Its unique compositions minimise friction and fuel consumption over the entire oil change interval.

Selenia protects your Fiat's engine from the instant you start, to the moment you switch off.

Selenia oil top-up packs are available from your authorised Fiat Dealer.


What does engine oil do for my Fiat?

Engine oil performs three basic roles.

  1. It coats the moving parts of your engine, preventing wear and damage
  2. It cleans the engine of debris and build-ups, scrubbing them through the oil filter
  3. It transfers internal heat away from the engine, radiating it into the air for cooling.


Why do I need to check the oil level?

Maintaining the correct level and grade of oil is vital to your car running properly. Too much oil can be just as damaging to your engine as having too little.


How do I check the oil level?

Refer to your Fiat Owner's Manual for full instructions.

  1. Ensure that your car is parked on flat, level ground and is switched off
  2. Check the oil either first thing in the morning, or after letting your car stand with the engine switched off for at least 5 minutes
  3. Open your car bonnet.
  4. Beware that the engine may be hot if it has been running recently
  5. Locate the engine oil dipstick, with its yellow handle (it will be labelled with a small 'oil can' symbol). If you cannot locate it, check your Fiat Owner's Manual
  6. Slowly remove the dipstick, and wipe it clean using a clean cloth or paper towel
  7. Now 'dip the stick' by re-inserting the dipstick all the way back down into its sheath
  8. Remove the dipstick again and check how far the oil has reached
  9. The oil level should always lie between the dipstick's Minimum and Maximum marks.


If your oil level is at or below Minimum

Never top-up with (i.e. mix) oils of different specifications to those already used in your car. Selenia oil top-up packs are available from your authorised Fiat Dealer. (link to service locations)

Do not top-up your oil level beyond the Maximum mark. If the oil level gets above the Maximum mark, contact your authorised Fiat Dealer to have the correct level restored.

Repeat the following steps until the oil level is between the Minimum and Maximum marks. As a guide, the interval between the Minimum and Maximum marks represents around one litre of oil:

  1. Remove the oil filler cap, near the Fiat logo on top of the engine
  2. Pour in a small amount of oil at a time
  3. Allow the oil to settle for a few minutes each time
  4. Re-check the oil level each time.
  5. When the oil level is correct, replace and tighten the oil filler cap